Thursday, 17 March 2022

Changes to Energy Prices, Links That Could Help You

With Energy prices rising this April, our Link Worker, Joanne, has put together a list of links that could help you.

Healthy homes, 0800 012 1754,
They have a green homes grant that can help you to make your house warmer and reduce bills. This includes solar panels, loft insulation, external wall insulation, replacement windows and under floor insulation etc but must receive less that £30,000 per year income.

Liverpool Citizens Support Scheme.
Patients can get urgent need award as long as they fit criteria.
The Liverpool Citizens Support Scheme helps vulnerable people in short term crisis to meet the needs for food and essential items. Funding for the scheme is limited and there is normally a limit of two awards within  a 12 month period. You can apply Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm by calling 0800 456 1523 or 0151 333053.

There is talk of the government funding some sort of fuel vouchers/support again but this will not come into effect until the price rises happen in April 2022. I imagine this will be through the council whatever it is they have planned?

You can get a £350 boost from government but it has to be paid back over 5years and also a £150 tax rebate which doesn’t have to be paid back for people in tax band A-D but you have to pay your bills by direct debit to claim it. More info on the website below.

CAB have lots of energy info on their website or you can call 0808 278 7840 for general advice.
Social prescribers work in partnership with CAB and can connect patients within two working days.
CAB also hasp info on getting hardship funds/grants from your supplier to help pay off debts.

A comparison site for energy which also offers info and advice.

National Energy Action (NEA) Mon- Fri 10am – 12pm 08003047159
They offer info and support e.g. energy advice, switching providers, support with debt, grants, funding and benefit maximisation.

Housing Associations now have their own teams set up to help their tenants with their well-being and support with fuel poverty and rent arrears etc.
Torus tenants -  Emma Costello
Plus Dane - Jade Morris
Riverside  - 0345 111 0000
Onward Homes - 0300 555 0600.
Your Housing – 03453451272
Cobalt Housing – 0330 303 2222 

The Biscuit fund may offer a crumb of hope to patients struggling with fuel poverty.

Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert also has lots of info and advice:

If you do feel you need to speak to a GP or our Link Worker, please contact the surgery on 0151 727 5555