Thursday, 21 July 2022

Enhanced Access Service Survey

Central Liverpool Primary Care Network would like to hear your view on how they should deliver the Enhanced Access service! Please click on the link for more information
Primary Care Networks are groups of GP Practices working together as a network in their local areas. They are commissioned to work together as a network to deliver a range of services. 
Enhanced Access is the combination of the extended hours service provided by the PCN and the extended access service provided by PC24 Monday- Friday 6:30-8pm (with triage appointments during the day) and Saturdays delivered in centralised hubs across the city.
From October 2022 it will be the responsibility of PCNs for the delivery of Enhanced Access. The practices at Central Liverpool Primary Care Network wants to hear your view about how we propose to deliver Enhanced Access. We want to provide accessible appointments Monday-Friday from 6:30am till 8pm and 9am-5pm on a Saturday.