How Do I order a FIT Note? (Sick Note)

First, check that you need FIT note

Employees only need a doctors’ note (now called ‘Fit Notes’) for illnesses lasting more than 7 days. 

This government web page explains more.

Please don’t request sickness certification for illness lasting 7 days or less.  If your illness is less then 7 days, you can complete a self-certification form, which you can pick up from our Reception or can be found online.

How Do I order a Fit Note?

To order an extension of your current FIT note, you will need to contact the surgery 48hr before you FIT note expires.  This can be done by using any of the following methods:

A member of our helpful reception team, may have to ask you a few details first.  From there your request to the GP who has provided you with the FIT note.  

Once the FIT note is ready for collection, either the GP or a member of Reception will give you a call to let you know "Your FIT note is ready for collection".  Sometimes the GP may wish to speak to you prior to providing the sick note, if this is the case, the GP will contact you.

Can the doctor give me a backdated sick note?

Backdated notes can only be given by a doctor based on a previous assessment.  Government guidance on this case be found on the first page of this document. 

Do I need a ‘return to work’ note?

No.  This is clearly stated in this government guidance for employers and line managers. 

Notes for treatment in hospital:

If you are off work for more than seven days for an illness that has been treated in hospital, either as an inpatient, an outpatient, or in A+E, then you should obtain a note from the hospital doctor responsible for your care.  

More information:

If you have any further questions regarding FIT notes, you can either contact the surgery during our non-triaging hours or alternatively, you can click the link below to the the DWP Government site; which contains guidance for patients and employees.

The fit note: guidance for patients and employees - GOV.UK (