Registration Process

The Elms Medical Centre is part of the "Safe Surgery" scheme.  This means when registering with us, you are not required to bring any proof of ID with you.  The only time you may be asked for proof of ID is if you are requesting a change be made to your recorded information. e.g. Name change, Address change etc.

Please check your postcode to check your fall in our highlighted catchment area.

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Registration Process

Online Registration:

The quickest and easiest way to register with us online. You can register online via this link. You will be required to complete mandatory information but please complete the form as fully as possible as this will assist the practice in your ongoing care. You will receive an automatic notification once the practice has accepted your registration.

In Person:

You can attend the surgery and request a registration form to complete, where a member of our helpful Reception Team will provide you with the correct ‘GMS1’ Registration Form, for patient over 16year of age, you will also receive a ‘New Patient Registration Form’ which contains a general health questionnaire. 

Once you have complete the registrations & general health questionnaire, you must hand these documents to a member of our Reception Team.  It is important you complete all section on both forms, this will make it easier for our Reception Team to get you registered.  

*Polite note* We do ask that while you registration is being processed, you remain in the building incase our Reception Team have any queries about your forms.  This will be a great time for you to ask any question you may have about the surgery. 

During your registration, you will be asked by our Reception Team to head into our Health Promotional Room to get a up to date Height, Weight & Blood Pressure (BP) which they will add to your records once the registration has been completed.

Upon completion of registration, a ‘New Patient Health Check’ Appointment will be arranged with one of our Healthcare Assistants (HCA).

If you would like to print the ‘New Patient Registration Form’ at home, please click the link below.  This is only for patients aged 16years and over only.

 New Patient Registration Questionnaire 16+

GMS1 New Patient Registration Form


Next of Kin (NOK)


It is important to update your next of kin details when registering at any surgery and confirming their contact details.  Your next of kin does not need to be registered at the same surgery as you.

What is next of kin?

Your medical next of kin is someone you nominate to receive information about your medical care.

If you have not chosen a next of kin, it will usually be assumed to be a close blood relative, spouse or civil partner. 

You can choose to give permission to your next of kin to discuss your medical records or that you are only allowing your next of kin to book/cancel/amend appointments on your behalf.

Does my next of kin have legal rights?

No. A medical next of kin is not defined in UK law.

This means your next of kin cannot give consent to providing or withholding care.

Choosing a next of kin is not the same as appointing a Lasting Power of Attorney. A Lasting Power of Attorney can make health and care decisions for you if you lose mental capacity.