How Do I Order a Repeat Prescription?

You can now request a repeat prescription using our digital front door services. You just need your NHS number and phone number to submit this health form.

You can also request your repeat medication through Patient Access or through the NHS App.

Repeat prescriptions can be requested electronically via app or in writing, please ask at reception about registering for online prescription requests. (some medications may be restricted from electronic request/issue)

We also now offer prescriptions to be sent electronically to a pharmacy of your nomination, please ask at reception for more information on this service.

We advise Patient's to send you repeat prescription in when you have approx. 7 days of medication left.  A minimum of 48 hours notice should be given before your medicines are due to run out. Our clinicians have aim to authorise your prescription within 72hours and it may take the pharmacy another 2days to process this. 

If you wish for your prescription to be posted back to you, please provide a stamped addressed envelope with your request. You will be informed when you hand in your request when to pick up your prescription.

*Please note: We no longer accept prescription request via email or via telephone *

Most repeat medications require regular review; this is to ensure that the prescribed medication continues to be appropriate, necessary, effective and safe. Your repeat slip will be highlighted if you need a review before a particular item can be re-issued. Please make an appointment to see a Practice Nurse or Pharmacist before you run out of medication. Our Practice Nurses can do Asthma, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Weight management & Contraceptive reviews.

Short notice repeat requests are issued at the doctors' discretion. You may be issued with a small supply of medication until the next available appointment. 

Please refer to our Urgent Medication Policy here
You can complete your medication review here and if required, a clinician will contact you.